How to reach Ozieri

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Ozieri is located in a central position of Sardinia and in the middle of the roads and railways that from the south of Cagliari-Oristano go to Sassari on one hand, to Olbia on the other. It is easy to get to Ozieri either from the main town Sassari (40 minutes by car) or from Olbia (50 minutes drive) through the state road n. 597. It is also an obliged passage for those who want to reach the Goceano and Nuoro.
The town is well linked to the railway through  the railway station in Chilivani, from which you can get to the harbours of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and  Porto Torres.
From Garibaldi square you can catch the buses that lead to all the villages of the surroundings, to Sassari and Olbia, and in Summer directly to the beaches of Pittulongu, San Teodoro and Alghero.


In the city centre of Ozieri there are three petrol and gasoline station, all of them are on duty 24 hour a day. Along the state road n. 597 there are other two petrol station, one of them provides also propane (GPL).
In town there are bars, restaurants, modern department stores, newspaper shops, bookshops, women’s and menswear shops gift shops. Widespread are the pastry shops and workshops of typical products: sweets, bread, cheeses and sausages. Interesting is the local handicraft: pottery, filigree and mosaics made of trachyte.
Characteristic is the weekly market that takes place in the city centre every Tuesday and Friday. There are also four banks, all of them with a cash dispenser service and a Post office. Ozieri boasts a deep rooted religious tradition as well, and an historic presence of friars and monks helped by the diocese, the Seminary and the numerous and beautiful churches, so it is very easy to attend religious services in different hours of  the day.
The city hospital is efficient with a performing First Aid section.
The town offers several opportunities of accommodations (hotel, private apartments, farm holidays, B&B) for the availability ask the Tourist Info Point tel. 079\7851126.

Time to reach Ozieri from:

• Sassari 40 minutes
• Olbia 50 m. (Aeroporto e porto)
• Alghero 60 m. (Aeroporto)
• Golfo Aranci 60 m. (Porto)
• Porto Torres 50 m. (Porto)
• Porto Rotondo 60 m.
• San Teodoro 60 m.
• Siniscola 1 ora e 20 m.
• Nuoro 60 m.
• Oristano 1 hour and 20 m.
• Cagliari 2 hours

Useful Services

• Tourist Info Point - Accoglienza e   
   informazioni Tel.079/7851126 

• Stazione di Chilivani - Tel. 079/758814

• Polizia Ferroviaria - Tel. 079/758813

• Stazione autobus - Tel.  079/770331

• Vigili Urbani - Tel.  079/786472

• Carabinieri - Tel.  079/787014

• Polizia 079/7810000 
  Stradale 079/787113

• Ospedale 079/779111 

• Pronto Soccorso 118



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